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Acrylic vs Polycarbonate (aka Lexan vs Plexiglas)

Here is the much awaited comparison between the most commonly used clear products in the industry, Acrylic \u0026 Polycarbonate. Our VP Anand Joseph breaks down the top 9 key factors to take into account while choosing one over the other.

00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Acrylic Vs Polycarbonate or Plexiglas Vs Lexan
01:27 - Reliability (Outdoors \u0026 Indoors)
02:55 - Clarity
03:44 - Range (Thickness \u0026 Colors)
04:46 - Strength
05:32 - Workability
06:51 - Flexibility
07:31 - Fire Certification
08:06 - Bonding
08:53 - Price

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Buy Polycarbonate sheets online : https://bluerhine.store/polycarbonate-sheets.html

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At Bluerhine, we are specialists in Signage solutions and distributes materials used by sign makers, digital print houses, POS/POP makers, retail fit-out companies, exhibition stand builders, digital system integrators, construction companies, glass and aluminium fabricators and vehicle convertors. We carry a range of high-quality and cost-effective products in the signage industry to support our customers in the GCC region and beyond.

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SugaDontPlay : Thanks for the informative video! I'm interested in making a dining table, with either of these products or something else as the table top, so weight would be put on it. I intend to use the same products as pseudo legs, on either end of the table, so the center might not have center support (unless I added another support of the same in the center).

Which of these would work to support the weight of being leaned on, and weight of dishes, etc? Or, do you know of a better product?
Alan McRae : Nice presentation! Very clearly presented in a professional manner.
Steve Trujillo : I've been up all night researching and learning SO MUCH about different metals, materials, and elements ( to decide between a polycarbonate/aluminum combination or a premium stainless steel (for a watch, but also for my knowledge!:D)), and this video was very informative and easy to follow with my only-so-extensive knowledge of science. Nonstop data and unbiased material and it wasn't boring at all! Thanks!

P.s. if you have any advice/opinion on the pc+aluminum vs stainless steel I will gladly take any and all of it
PhilHarmonicus : Thank you for this, it has been very useful and informative, which has lead me to select acrylic for my project. Unfortunately, here in the UK, acrylic is far more expensive than polycarbonate.
Bruce Currie : Most informative, thanks. I believe it would be useful for viewers if you could add a footnote about the advantages/disadvantages of extruded v cast acrylic. Thank you.

What is polycarbonate and what is it used for?

From wiki: Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. They are easily worked, molded, and thermoformed. Wikipedia
Lower working temperature: −40 °C (−40 °F)
Upper working temperature: 115–130 °C (239–266 °F)
Heat deflection temperature: 0.45 MPa: 140 °C (284 °F); 1.8 MPa: 128–138 °C (262–280 °F)
Linear thermal expansion coefficient (α): 65–70 × 10−6/K
Thermal conductivity (k) at 23 °C: 0.19–0.22 W/(m·K)
Thermal diffusivity (a) at 25 °C: 0.144 mm²/s
Jenine Drayton : Thanks for explaining. Great informative. Did you say the structure imitates oestrogen?
i erit : Everything I wanted to know in one video. Thanks.
Gustavo Espadas : So it can with stand temps arrounds 200 F with no structure damage right?
Kelvin Xu : Chemistry 101

Polycarbonate Lexan Impact Resistant Sheet.

Find out more at www.sheetandfilm.com

Insanely Strong Impact Resistant Lexan* Sheet

Outdoor Grade for Walkway Cover with Protection against Drop Item
kidphillyorg : Looking for tiny home security window ideas. Happy to see proper testing of this material. Thank you for making this video!
Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC : This is a perfect example of why we use polycarbonate in our Evolution hurricane shutters. The stuff is as clear as glass and it is impervious to breakage from hurricane forces. Besides protecting your regular windows from hurricane damage, they will also work great to protect those expensive "hurricane proof windows" that the salesman told you would "survive" or "withstand" a hurricane but will actually break and need replacement. Check out other Youtube videos about "impact window testing" and you'll see exactly what happens to "hurricane proof windows" when they get during a storm. Then you get stuck paying for impact windows TWICE. When you bought them, initially, you thought that they would be the last window that you will ever need to buy.
Ashton Yazzie : Ouch. I feel bad for the guy having to hit the Lexan. His hands and arms must’ve hurt afterwards.
Cuda FX : this is not an over statement, lexan as about as bulletproof as plastic can get. i shot 3mm marcolon with a 50lbs longbow with pointy bullet tips, and it barely dented the backside, but broke an arrow.
TragestyX : I was looking for something to make a thin but strong subwoofer baffle for behind my car rear seats. I used some half inch MDF but it ended up being too much with the subwoofer to put the seats back down. I'm thinking 1/8 Lexan might do the trick.




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